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A Brief History of TVECHE

Posted by on Apr 21, 2014

A Brief History of TVECHE

Truth is…we are all on a journey. I don’t know what yours is specifically. In fact, I don’t know who you are. You’re just reading this. I’m just writing to you. Whoever you are. By the way…why are you reading this? Why am I writing this? Let’s suppose that I don’t know you but I can still surmise that you and I are both on a journey. If this is true, then what follows must necessarily be true as well: You and I have something in common. Call it a “journey”, call it a “voyage”, “mission”…call it what you will. But the point is (if you let me finish) that we both are going toward something whether we like it or not. We can ignore it or we can acknowledge it, but we cannot avoid it. Where are we going? Who’s setting the course? Some may be under the impression that they are going exactly where they want to go, but unfortunately for them, they have been so preoccupied with the END GOAL that they lose all sense of direction in the PRESENT MOMENT. So forget about where you WANT to go…let me ask…Where are you RIGHT NOW? NEW ALBUM COMING FALL...

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