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Where Are All the Bad People?

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015

Where Are All the Bad People?

Amidst all this chaos… I have made a very interesting discovery. I don’t meet any bad people anymore.   On a regular basis, I try to meet someone new, but in all my interactions, I haven’t met one that has told me that they are one of those “bad people” that all of our parents warned us about when we were children. Everyone I meet tells me that they are a good person. “I am the most compassionate person I know!” said one individual. But surely bad people must exist… If bad people don’t exist…why is there so much bad news? Why are there school shootings? Why is there so much hatred, murder, violence, unrest in our world? There must be something wrong with the world. If it’s not us…then what/who exactly is it? How can we protect ourselves from it/them? An Evil God? “God.” One might say. In fact, a substantial reason why people often don’t believe in God is because it seems nonsensical that a loving God would allow so much evil and pain in our world. …Or that’s what I hear at least. But wait! If God is allowing evil in our world, we have to admit there is some evil somewhere…but where is it coming from? Why is it so hard to pinpoint its location? Perhaps we should probe deeper. Is it God who is evil? Well first of all, our hypothetical person says that they don’t believe a god could exist because of the suffering we all face. If we want to blame God, then we have to grant that a god exists. Very well, then. Let’s entertain the idea for a moment, that an evil god exists who for some strange reason wants to do evil things in our world and this is where wars, fights, violence and such come from. Even if that were the case, how could an evil god actually carry out such evil deeds? Would he carry them out by controlling evil people to do his bidding? Well then, once more we are stuck…because like I expressed before…I can’t find any of these evil people! For the sake of argument, let’s say that there are people controlled by his bidding to do evil acts…do these people know they are being controlled or not? If they know they are being controlled, it seems odd that no one has said anything....

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